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Blue Center Innovation Technologies

Blue Center Innovation Technologies – Permabond’s new state of the art development, technical service & QC laboratories Misinto, Italy - 28th November 2018 Permabond has a history of developing and manufacturing engineering adhesives, which spans six decades and three continents. In 2003 the Permabond business was purchased by the Grossi family, involved...

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Industrial adhesives Vs Consumer adhesives

What are industrial adhesives? How do they differ from consumer adhesives?  Strictly speaking, industrial adhesives are adhesives that are labeled for industrial use.  Various local and global bodies require industrial adhesives to include specific language on each label based on the chemistry.  With all that is required - it doesn't leave much room for images of a Go...

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5-minute epoxy – more than the name implies

Recently I received a call for a 5-minute epoxy. In general terms, 5-minute epoxy is used to refer to two-component epoxy that start to set up in around 5 minutes.  But they are not all alike.  Epoxies can vary in viscosity, mix ratio, color, specific gravity, gap fill ability, hardness, elongation, dielectric strength, conductivity, strength, temperature resistance, an...

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Pipe Size Diameter and Thread Sealant Use

Permabond LH050 general purpose anaerobic pipe sealant is for use on metal pipe.   Permabond LH050  is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® for use in devices handling gasoline, petroleum oils, and natural gas (pressure not over 300 psig) not exceeding 2 in. pipe size; propane and butane not exceeding 1 in. pipe size.  Permabond LH050 is classified by Underw...

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Plastic Threadlockers

Threadlockers fill the space between the threads which prevents vibration loosening.    Anaerobic threadlockers are used for metal fasteners; they should not be used on plastics as metal ions are required to cure the material, and they can stress crack plastics.  Anaerobic threadlockers (for metal) are available in a variety of strengths and viscosities.  Although th...

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Choosing a Structural Adhesive

A structural adhesive is an adhesive that forms a bond which bears a structural load.  Two of the most common types are epoxy adhesives and acrylic adhesives.  Often both types will work for structural metal bonding application.  Choosing the best type of structural adhesive for the application depends on several factors.  Understanding the characteristics of each typ...

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Industrial Adhesives for Dissimilar Substrates

Bonding Dissimilar Substrates It goes without saying that if you are bonding plastics use a plastic adhesive and if your bonding metal, an adhesive for metal.  It gets more complicated when you want to choose industrial adhesives to join dissimilar substrates. Plastic to Metal Industrial Adhesives Two HUGE categories here – there are likely an infinite number of com...

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Efficient scale up – Adhesive processes

One of the questions our tech team asks engineers seeking an adhesive recommendation is “How many assemblies will you be manufacturing?”  Although from a business perspective this is nice information to have; it is critical information to make an ideal product and process recommendation. Often, the right viscosity, rheology, and set time of a process can be as imp...

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Permabond 2K Primer and Adhesion Promoter

Permabond 2K Primer is a multi-purpose product.  It is ideal for preparing substrates for bonding, identifying if the surface is wetting out properly or if additional surface preparation is needed.  It contains an adhesive promotor to increase bond strength.  It is ideal for preparing metal, glass, plastic, and composite for bonding.  When bonding metal, note that Per...

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Flexible Glue | Flexible Adhesive

"Hello, I'm calling about your new flexible glue."  It isn't surprising that Permabonds' phone is ringing off the hook with people calling to learn more about our new flexible cyanoacrylate adhesives.  They are a true technology breakthrough and are solving design challenges daily.  However, they don't fit every application - that is why Permabond has flexible adhesive...

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