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Substrates Bonded

What are composites made of?

What is composite? The word composite means a combination of two or more things.  More recently the term composite is used to describe fiber reinforced plastic or FRP. The very first question an industrial adhesive specialists ask when an engineer is looking for an industrial adhesive is “What substrate are you bonding?”  When the engineer answers “Compos...

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How to prepare and bond polyethylene

Bonding Polyethylene with Industrial Adhesive Polyethylene adhesive has been hard to come by until recently. Now, Permabond has adhesives for polyethylene that don't require a primer or other costly surface treatment. Traditional Joining Polyethylene is a lightweight thermoplastic. It is often abbreviated to LDPE (low density polyethylene) or HDPE (high density polyethyle...

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Bonding Acetal with Adhesive

Bonding Acetal for Maximum Strength Acetal is a popular thermoplastic, its use spans a number of industries. This plastic is fairly low cost and has good structural properties – it is often used instead of metal. It is very high strength, with good impact resistance, low rate of water-absorption, good chemical resistance (even against solvents), high dielectric ...

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Bonding Polypropylene with Industrial Adhesive

Polypropylene plastic is a favourite substrate among goods manufacturers. It is low-cost, tough with some degree of flexibility and has excellent chemical resistance.  Certain blends can even rival ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in terms of performance.  High-density and low-density polypropylene surfaces can be quite difficult to bond or print onto. This...

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Bonding Zinc Painted/Passivated/Galvanized Substrates

Bonding Zinc Substrates: Surface Prep and Choosing a Zinc Adhesive What is zinc and why is it used? We come across bonding zinc substrates all the time, zinc is a very popular metal used for plating other metals (such as steel) to prevent corrosion, oxidation or rust - as it is commonly referred to.  It crosses over many industries and applications inc...

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