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Adhesives for bonding transformer ferrites

Bonding ferrite halves for transformer coils To help reduce component weight, parts, and reduce rattle and hum in transformers, adhesives can be used to join the ferrite halves instead of mechanical clips. Different types of adhesive can be considered for this application including structural acrylic adhesives, UV curable adhesives as well as two component epoxies.  For...

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Golf Club Epoxy

Adhesives are used in many different sports equipment bonding applications. One such application is that of bonding heads onto shafts for golf clubs.  It sounds like an easy application and in principle it is – put some adhesive on the tip of the shaft and then insert it into the club head.  Quick… let’s get down to the hardware store and get some epoxy! WAIT…....

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Adhesive Application: Aerospace Adhesive

What are Aerospace Adhesives? Aerospace Adhesives are used throughout the interior, exterior and engine compartment of aircraft. On everything from the overhead lockers, to the handy seat trays and even the in-floor lighting. The engine contains threadlockers, retaining compounds, hydraulic system thread sealants as well as structural adhesives. Exterior panels are bond...

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Introducing Permabond ES558 Epoxy

Permabond ES558 single part epoxy adhesive is cured by oven, infra-red or induction heating. It is ideal for bonding and sealing metal components and can be applied to pre-assembled joints. When heated for curing, the adhesive flows like solder and wicks into small gaps where it will cure, forming a high strength durable bond.Permabond ES558 is often used instead of weldi...

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Innovations in adhesives for sporting and leisure equipment

Adhesives for Sporting and Leisure Equipment After noticing a wide spread use of carbon fiber in sporting goods applications I read an article on new materials in sporting equipment manufacturing it was clear that the innovations in sporting goods are not limited to ...

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Bonding clear plastics for display stands

People just love beautiful things and it is our job in the adhesive industry to provide manufacturers with aesthetically pleasing adhesives. None so more vital than in the world of POS (point of sale) display items – this can include things such as display cases, racks, menu stands, literature stands, signs, etc… Because the construction materials are normally clear p...

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Anaerobic Adhesive Threadlocker Application Tips

How do Anaerobic Adhesive Threadlockers Work? Anaerobic adhesives and sealants remain liquid until oxygen is excluded and metal is present.  When a threaded metal fastener is assembled with good coverage of anaerobic adhesive threadlocker on the threads, all of the air is excluded and metal is of course present. Application Methods for Blind Holes and Through Holes A ...

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Glass Bonding Adhesive | Industrial adhesives | UV curable adhesives

Which glass bonding adhesive technology is the right choice? A variety of industrial adhesive solutions are available for bonding glass, including UV curable adhesives, hybrid adhesives, epoxy adhesives, and acrylic structural adhesive.  Examples of typical applications for each are listed below. Acrylic Structural Adhesives Acrylic structural adhesives are commonly u...

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Bonding Metal to Plastic with Industrial Adhesive

Adhesive Engineering Take a walk into any craft or hobby store and ask the sales associated for a metal to plastic adhesive and they’ll say something like… “You’ll find metal to plastic adhesive in aisle 7 on the middle shelf to the right of the popsicle sticks and above the pom poms.”  If you’re making Christmas ornaments with the grandkids, this may work....

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Magnet Bonding Adhesives

Permanent magnet motors come in an every expanding number of designs and magnet bonding adhesives are available to meet every new challenge. The primary driver for the vast array of industrial adhesives available for magnet bonding is the diversity of the size and performance characteristics required in the electric motors, speakers and other applications that require ...

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