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Adhesive Applications

Adhesive for silk screen mesh bonding

Silk screen mesh bonding can be carried out quickly and effectively with cyanoacrylate adhesive and if necessary, a cyanoacrylate activator. The process is simple and will have a screen print frame up and running again in a relatively short time compared with some other mesh bonding adhesives. Silk screen mesh is normally made of woven material such as polyester and th...

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The top 3 factors to consider when selecting a filter potting epoxy?

Epoxy resins, epoxy glues, epoxy adhesives (whatever name you prefer) are often used as potting compounds for filters. Picture shows cross section of an oil filter which has been potted with epoxy. When considering using a potting compound for filter end caps, there are several basic factors to take into consideration: This is not all you have to think ab...

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Structural Adhesives for Vehicle Conversions

Vehicle converters and specialist vehicle producers use structural adhesives for challenging applications, often bonding dissimilar materials in high stress environments where there could be vibration and peel stresses on the joint, broad temperature ranges, impact, and heavy wear and tear. Uses for structural adhesives Ambulance fit-outs and conversions Structural a...

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Where are adhesives used in tools?

Did you know that glues (or, more technically referred to, adhesives) are used for all sorts of tool applications?  Anything from bonding handles onto good old screwdrivers to bonding diamond cutting tips on sophisticated mining equipment – and many things in between. Many power tool manufacturers are using adhesive products within the electronics of power tools such ...

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Food Grade Adhesives for Equipment and Filters

Food grade adhesives are required for both production line equipment where food and beverage is processed as well as for applications for kitchen goods and of course packaging applications. Typical applications which could require FDA approved or FDA compliant adhesives could include: Potting filter media into endcap for water or beverage filters Bonding mesh...

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Polyurethane adhesives aren’t just construction adhesives

Two component polyurethane adhesives are used to bond materials with different flexibility or different thermal coefficients of expansion including glass to metal, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) to metal, and aluminium to steel. This is surprising to many people because polyurethane adhesives have a fantastic reputation as wood bonding adhesives. They are not ONLY constru...

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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Electrically conductive adhesive products are primarily used for electronics applications where components need to be held in place and electrical current can be passed between them. Depending on gap between components, most general adhesives (such as anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, and acrylic-based adhesives) act as an electrical insulator. Some offer improved the...

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The requirement for fire retardant adhesives is increasing and their use expands to a number of different industry sectors examples including aerospace, construction, electronics and public transport (trains in particular). Regulations and approvals for each industry sector are different and also vary between countries. For this reason, as an adhesive manufacturer, ...


Permabond Adhesives – From Super Sonic to Super Solar

In 1998 Permabond sponsored the THRUST SSC car, which broke the land speed record and officially broke the sound barrier at 763 mph.  So why are we so excited that this year we are sponsoring a car with a top speed of a little over 1/10th of that? The THRUST SSC gas mileage is listed at 4.8 US gallons per second (18 liters per second), or in conventional terms, its fuel...

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Adhesives for LEDs and Lighting

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductor light sources originally developed with two “legs” (a cathode and an anode). When voltage is applied, light is emitted – “electroluminescence”. The colour is determined by the energy band gap of the semiconductor (although often it can be changed depending on the color lens it is encapsulated in). Originally LED use...

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