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Adhesive Applications

Adhesives for Electric Vehicle Batteries

What are the biggest challenges in developing adhesives for electric vehicle batteries and the e-mobility market in general? I have to say it is balancing features. Many of the adhesive features battery manufacturers require play off each other. Following is a partial list of commonly requested features: Low Weight – Expandable adhesive products Good Heat Dissipa...

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Permabond 105 pulls a car… in Russia… in winter snow!

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Please check out this amazing video of Permabond 105 cyanoacrylate adhesive, shot by our friends in Russia. The adhesive has been applied on a small O-ring joint between two tow-ropes. The ropes tighten, the O-ring stretches and then am...

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Weld sealant finds new uses in heavy equipment repair

At Permabond we are reminded by our friends in the fire protection industry how valuable our weld sealant is to their work.  At the last AFSA convention, our team was approached by many contractors and fabricators who stopped by our booth just to say thank you for such a valuable product.  So when I glanced at an email that came through from a fire protection contractor...

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Glass Adhesive: What is the best glue for glass?

What is the best glue for glass? Permabond manufactures many types of glass adhesives. Following highlights the features and benefits of each type. UV Curable Glass Glue Permabond UV glues form high strength bonds which are suitable for decorative and structural glass bonding applications.  They are excellent for bonding glass to glass or glass to metal and fo...

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Aluminum Adhesives – How to bond aluminum with Permabond Adhesives

Permabond is a global company and you will see both British and American spellings of words throughout this site.  For the most part, my colleagues in the UK are very accepting of American spellings -  until it comes to the word aluminum!  In the interest of global peace I’ll use both spellings.  Whether you call it aluminum adhesive or aluminium glue, Permabond has...

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Adhesives for RFID Bonding

What is RFID Bonding? RFID Bonding refers to either the bonding of RFID tags to items or bonding the chip to the tag.  RFID = Radio frequency identification (usually in the form of RFID tags). These consist of a microchip and antenna which give off a frequency which can be detected by a reader. Use of RFID tags is now widespread, they can be found in bank cards, ski p...

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Adhesives for Die Attach for electronics

Adhesives offer a convenient method of attaching electronic dies, semiconductors or silicon wafers to electronic circuitry. Key properties which make adhesives attractive for this type of application include: -Thermal management – adhesive can transfer and dissipate heat effectively, thermally conductive adhesive are desirable -Electronically insulative with high ...

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4 benefits of using adhesives for sealing heat exchangers

Heat exchanger tubes and endplates are traditionally sealed by welding, brazing, or soldering. There are adhesives available which can be used for sealing heat exchangers in place of welding processes. Here are some major benefits of switching to adhesive sealing: 1. Cost savings Welding and brazing is a skilled occupation and generally commands a higher hourly rate tha...

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Why adhesive are used throughout power tools

Power tools and adhesives – the perfect match.  Because power tool manufacturers face many challenges in building strong, reliable tools that can withstand the elements and the operators, it is no wonder they are continually in search of the strongest adhesive.  The use of adhesives in place of other joining methods solves many of those challenges.  Let’s drill ...

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Adhesives that withstand reflow soldering

In today’s world, electrical engineers are charged with the challenging task of precisely filling an already densely populated PCB with even more components.  Environmental regulations that have driven the industry to lead free technologies have added even more frustration to the mix. Solder temperatures increased from 183 deg C to 217 deg C with certain parts of the b...

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