What are anaerobic surface conditioners?

Laurie Gibbons
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April 8, 2016

Permabond Anaerobic Surface Conditioner – FAQs

What are anaerobic activators or anaerobic surface conditioners?

Permabond Anaerobic Surface Conditioner (Permabond ASC10) is a fast drying activator for Permabond anaerobic adhesives and sealants.  Permabond ASC 10 contains a solvent that is not ozone-depleting. Evaporation of this non-halogenated solvent leaves a thin deposit of surface conditioner on the surface.  It activates inactive surfaces to speed cure or increase the gap through which anaerobic adhesives and sealants cure.

What surfaces are active? – Why does it matter?

Anaerobic adhesives and sealants cure only in the presence of metal ions. Therefore, the more active the metal – the faster the cure rate. See the examples below.

What is the best way to apply ASC10?

WARNING: DO NOT mix ASC10 or any anaerobic activators with the anaerobic adhesive.

Apply ASC10 to clean dry surfaces by wiping, dipping, or spraying.  Then allow the ASC10 to evaporate, and apply the anaerobic adhesive to the other surface.  If activating both surfaces, be certain to assemble immediately after applying the adhesive. However, ASC10 can be applied up to 30 days before bonding or sealing with anaerobic adhesives.

Can I increase the maximum gap fill of anaerobic adhesive with ASC10?

ASC10 will increase the maximum gap the anaerobic adhesive will cure through.  Test to ensure complete cure.

Will ASC10 increase the bond strength?

1.  ASC10 will increase bond strength if low bond strength is due to incomplete cure.

2.  ASC10 will not increase bond strength if complete cure is being achieved.  Strength may reduce by 10%.

What is Permabond A905, is this the same?  

A905 is a similar product more widely available in Europe.

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