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Anaerobic Adhesive Threadlocker Application Tips

How do Anaerobic Adhesive Threadlockers Work?

Anaerobic adhesives and sealants remain liquid until oxygen is excluded and metal is present.  When a threaded metal fastener is assembled with good coverage of anaerobic adhesive threadlocker on the threads, all of the air is excluded and metal is of course present.

Application Methods for Blind Holes and Through Holes

A through hole goes completely through the other side – so you can see through it.  A blind hole does not break through the other side – in other words, you can’t see through it.

When working with a fastener in a through hole, dispense a bead of the anaerobic threadlocker across the contact length of the threads.

When working with blind holes, dispense the threadlocker down the threads to the bottom of the hole.

Why does it matter?

If one applies the threadlocker to the fastener then places it into a blind hole, the air within the hole has no escape route so it pushes the liquid threadlocker off the threads creating poor coverage and air in the threads.  The lack of coverage can reduce strength significantly but the trapped air can prevent curing which will reduce the effectiveness completely.

Post Assembly Application Methods

When using a wicking grade anaerobic threadlocker on nuts and bolts, apply the adhesive at the juncture of the assembled nut and bolt.  For blind holes, apply the threadlocker down the internal threads to the bottom of the hole.

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