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Adhesives for Architectural Glass Features

Advances in the world of materials and bonding technology have opened new opportunities for architects and designers. No longer governed by bulky materials or unsightly fixtures and fastenings, 21st century design achieves sleek and contemporary style whilst meeting and exceeding building regulation requirements.

Industrial adhesives can be used on architectural glass instead of mechanical fasteners – they reduce the need for drilling holes to accommodate fixings (so helping maintain the integral strength of the architectural glass, plus reducing processing, labour and chance of breakage e.g. sheet glass). Industrial adhesives can also be used on metal instead of welding. Welding is a skilled, labour intensive process and the joint is often unsightly with discolouration surrounding the weld. Using an industrial adhesive provides a safer, easier assembly process and will not damage or ruin the appearance of the parts.  Industrial adhesives allow designers to join dissimilar materials.

Typical Architectural Glass Applications for Industrial Adhesives

  • Glass staircases
  • Glass balconies
  • Frameless corner windows
  • Door handles, hinges etc.
  • Curtain walling – glass
  • Bathroom fittings

Additional Architectural Design Applications

  • Acrylic “Perspex” panels & screens
  • Handrail & balustrade fixings
  • Curtain walling – metals

Types of Industrial Adhesives

UV cure adhesives – these offer instant high-strength bonding. UV cure adhesives are normally clear in colour, are non-yellowing and offer excellent adhesion to glass and metal. Specialist grades are available for bonding UV stabilised plastics such as Perspex®.  Permabond offers UV6160 crystal clear UV cure adhesive for high strength structural joints, even under high stress the adhesive remains clear and colourless.  UV625 gel is ideal for vertical application or where gap fill is required. This adhesive is ideal for frameless corner windows and display cabinets.

Structural acrylic adhesives can also be used to bond glass to metal and are ideal when illuminating the bond area is too difficult.

Epoxy Adhesives and Structural Acrylic Adhesives – replace welding.  Both offer very high strength bonds with superior stress distribution.

Anaerobic Retaining Adhesives – particularly HM163 are ideal for brush steel or chrome door furniture or balustrade / handrail fixings offering fast cure and high strength retaining of coaxial metal joints.

Architectural glass

Perspex® is a registered trademark of Lucite International, a member of the Mitsubishi Rayon Group.