Best Adhesives for Bonding Metal to Metal or Nonmetal

Metal Bonding Adhesives

A variety of adhesives readily bond metal. It can be challenging to choose the best metal bonding adhesive, since there are so many options available. Each chemistry has its own unique benefits. Following is a quick review of the benefits by chemistry:

  • Structural adhesives

    • Structural acrylic adhesives and epoxies are ideal metal adhesives for forming strong bonds that resist stress, temperature, and chemicals.
  • Anaerobic adhesives

    • These are threadlockers, pipe thread sealants, retaining compounds, or FIP gaskets. It is important to realize that they are only for use with metals. They do not cure on other substrates such as glass and plastic.
  • Cyanoacrylate metal bonding adhesives

    • Instant adhesives develop strength very quickly. For example, consider the methyl cyanoacrylate Permabond 910®, the original cyanoacrylate metal adhesive, if you need strength quickly. These bonds perform well in shear and resist non-polar solvents. However, if you require an adhesive for metal that provides impact resistance or resistance to polar solvents (eg water), consider structural adhesives.
  • UV Curable adhesives

    • Light cure adhesives are ideal for invisible bonds between glass and metal. Therefore, these are used extensively to bond metal hinges, knobs, and fixtures to glass doors.
  • MS Polymer adhesives

    • These flexible adhesives are ideal for thin sheets of metal – such as truck panel bonding. The low shrinkage provides no read-through, meaning you can’t see the adhesive through the panel. So that the end item has a good aesthetic finish.

Permabond adhesives are supported by a team of sales, customer service, and technical professionals. They will help you select the proper adhesive for your metal application or develop a product to meet your application’s requirements.

The following featured products are examples of some good metal adhesives.

Featured Two-Part Epoxy: Permabond ET5422
  • High Strength Metal Bonder – high shear, peel, and impact strength
  • Full cure at room temperature
  • Easy to apply
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Nondrip rheology

PERMABOND® ET5422 is a thixotropic twopart adhesive with excellent resistance to impact and vibration. its controlled flow properties, coupled with its ease of mixing and application, enables the adhesive to be used where gap filling is required. Permabond® ET5422 has been found to provide exceptional performance even at elevated temperatures. Because of this, Permabond® ET5422 is ideal for applications requiring toughness and high strength.

Featured Structural Acrylic: Permabond TA4246
  • High Strength Metal and Plastic Bonder – In fact, high shear, peel, and impact strength.
  • Fast strength development at room temperature
  • No-Mix application

Permabond TA4246 is a structural acrylic adhesive that is used with Initiator 46. Apply the adhesive to one surface and the Initiator to the other. Upon joining the components, strength develops rapidly. In addition to excellent bond strength on metals such as aluminum & steel, it has excellent bond strength on plastics. When bonded to ABS, Phenolic, Polycarbonate, and PVC, the bond exceeds the strength of the plastic.

Featured One Part Epoxy: Permabond ES569
  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
  • Easy to use since there is no mixing required
  • High shear and peel strength
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Nonsag, thixotropic

Permabond ES569 is a singlepart, heat-cured epoxy metal bonding adhesive. This adhesive’s high bond strength allows it to replace mechanical fastening, soldering, brazing, or welding. Furthermore, ES569 is nonsagging, allowing it to be used in large gaps and on vertical surfaces. Also ideal for bonding electronic components because ES569 has high wet strength and is nonstringing, produces an excellent drop profile, and withstands solder reflow processes.

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