Electronics Adhesives

Electronics Adhesives

The field of electronics manufacturing is diverse, with hundreds of thousands of different applications. Many of these subsequently have their own set of individual adhesive requirements. On one hand, electronics design engineers face the challenge of finding the best adhesive for their application. However, at the same time they need to ensure that material costs remain low. In addition, ease of introduction into a production line plays an important role, as this can reduce cycle time, while simultaneously improving product performance and quality. All in all, this can be a challenging task but Permabond’s technical team is ready to help!

Typical Applications:

Electronics Adhesives

  • Bonding of heat sinks
  • Bonding of Surface Mount Devices (SMD’s)
  • Bonding of exterior plastic housings
  • Conformal coatings
  • Encapsulation
  • Potting
  • Wire tacking

Electronics Adhesives Key Features

Permabond’s range of adhesives for electronic applications has been carefully selected to offer the user maximum performance in a number of ways.

Our thermally conductive adhesives are ideal for bonding heat sinks to PCBs. These adhesives transfer heat quickly and efficiently away from sensitive electronics, whilst being electrically insulative to prevent short circuits. They also have a degree of flexibility to withstand differential thermal expansion and contraction between PCB and heat sink materials.

To be able to survive solder reflow and wave soldering processes, our electronics adhesives have been developed to withstand high temperature peaks to match these processing requirements.

The viscosity of our potting and encapsulation adhesives has been optimized to ensure electronic components are properly coated and sealed. Permabond’s tack-free conformal coating protects sensitive PCB’s and components against vibration and environmental damage, as well as allowing expansion and contraction of components and therefore minimizing stress on fragile circuitry.

Our non-“blooming” instant adhesive range, coupled with a special non-flammable activator (which also minimizes blooming), allows rapid wire tacking and assembly without leaving a white powdery residue on components.

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