Transport Industry Adhesive and Sealants

Transport Industry Adhesives

Many types of transport, including planes, trains, and automobiles all require adhesives for a broad range of bonding applications. This is because in many cases, welding, brazing, and mechanical fasteners are simply not suitable. Planes use many lightweight composites which cannot be welded, while using bulky fasteners would only add to the component weight. As a result, the use of adhesives in the aviation industry is widespread.

Trains and buses are adopting similar lightweight materials in a bid to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles. Subsequently they are also looking at similar joining techniques. Adhesives are vital for locking nuts and bolts together to prevent vibration loosening. They also help prevent parts seizing through corrosion, so if at some future stage maintenance and repair work is carried out, parts can be disassembled easily.

A number of aerospace, bus, and train manufacturers worldwide use Permabond adhesives, along with many of their associated maintenance and repair contractors.

Typical applications for adhesives in the transport industry:

Transportation Industry Adhesive

  • Interior and exterior panel bonding
  • Handrails, seat trays, overhead lockers
  • Bellows between carriages
  • Chassis
  • Track maintenance
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul of trains, trams, buses, and planes
  • Kick plates and grips

Adhesive Key Features

For exterior panel bonding, Permabond offers high strength, rubber toughened adhesive products that have low shrinkage. This prevents witness marks through thin metal sheeting. In addition, they provide good gap-fill ability and superb adhesion to aluminum. Lastly, they provide a quick working time so that no lengthy clamping of parts is necessary, freeing up valuable factory space.

Products include MMAs, such as Permabond TA4210 (available in Europe, The Middle East, and Australia) and TA4810 (available in The Americas and Asia), as well as MS polymers, (see the MS359 series.) If a faster cure speed is desired, consider modified epoxies such as MT3821, and polyurethanes.

Permabond works hand in hand with transport authorities, often producing custom formulations to meet strict formulation and specific performance requirements required in certain countries.

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