Adhesives for Metal Fabrication

Adhesives for Metal Fabrication

Advances in adhesive technology allow metal fabrication without mechanical fasteners and welding while increasing structural integrity and strength. Driving factors for specifying adhesives are increasing the strength and durability of products while reducing costs.
Fasteners and spot welding can create stress concentration points. Adhesives distribute stress across the entire bond joint increasing the resistance to fatigue while preventing corrosion.
Flexible adhesives absorb stress caused by flexing, vibration, impact, and thermal expansion, further reducing fatigue.

Permabond manufactures a variety of adhesive types for metal fabrication including:

Epoxies – High strength and high-temperature resistance with excellent gap filling capabilities.  One component heat cure epoxies, two-component ambient cure epoxies, and two-component heat cure epoxies are available.

Acrylics – Fast setting, high strength acrylics are available in one and two-component, surface activated, bead on bead, and external mix systems to meet production needs.

Modified Epoxies and MS Polymers – Shock-absorbing, flexible adhesives with low shrinkage to eliminate “read through”.


Typical Applications:

Adhesives for metal fabrication

    • Truck Panel Bonding
    • Tool Boxes
    • Office Furniture & Cabinets
    • Food Service Equipment & Appliances
    • Metal and/or Composite Bicycle Frames
    • Machinery Enclosures & Shielding

And many more!

Key Features & Benefits of using adhesives for metal fabrication vs mechanical fasteners or welding

– Increase strength
– Increase durability
– Reduce costs
– Reduce weight
– Distribute stress
– Increase fatigue resistance
– Absorb stress
– Reduce vibration noise
– Prevent corrosion
– Improve aesthetics
– Increase assembly speed
– Reduce production costs
– Joining dissimilar materials such as metals, plastics, and composites

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