Wind Energy Adhesive and Sealants

Wind Energy Adhesives and Sealants

With the world in the grip of a climate crisis, it’s never been more important to focus on green energy solutions. One such solution is wind-generated power, which has become markedly more popular over the past few decades. Indeed, wind power is now one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies worldwide! For example, 26.8% of the UK’s electricity generated in 2022 came from wind power alone – a significant achievement. 

With this growth in the use of wind energy comes growth in demand for wind energy adhesive technologies. Adhesives can increase production speeds and reduce material weight, which, for example, can help extend turbine blade design options. In addition to this, using the right adhesive can improve the quality and lifespan of these blades. This has a direct environmental impact, as they are often not recyclable. 

Which adhesives are suitable for wind energy technology?

Wind Energy AdhesivesGenerally speaking, the use of thixotropic adhesives, particularly 2-part epoxies, is standard in turbine blade bonding. This is because the two components of these adhesives – the resin and hardener – develop ‘non-slumping’ properties quickly after mixing. A slow-curing, fast-exotherm adhesive tends to be best, as these allow maximal working time yet a fast cure once set in place. These adhesives also provide very high levels of impact, temperature and weather resistance, all essential qualities for wind turbines, which have to be able to withstand harsh conditions throughout their lives. 


Typical applications for adhesives in the wind energy industry: 

Permabond adhesives are used in wind turbine gearbox applications, such as bonding gears to shafts with anaerobic retaining adhesives, or gasketing with a liquid gasket-maker. In addition to these, other applications for our adhesives include rotor bonding, yaw drive applications as well as the aforementioned blade bonding. We particularly specialise in blade repairs, so if you have a blade repair application, please get in touch! We can even custom-formulate an adhesive to meet the specific needs of a particular project. 

The performance and consistent quality of Permabond products have made them the products of choice for retaining, threadlocking, gasketing, tacking, potting, sealing, and magnet bonding as well as several structural applications. For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.

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