Gas Pipeline Restoration Products

Gas Pipeline Restoration Products

Gas Pipeline Sealants

Gas pipeline restoration is urgent business. If a gas pipeline breaks or develops a leak, you need a product that gets to work quickly to repair the damage. Thankfully, we have just the thing – Permabond Gaseal®! Specifically, our Gaseal® range of anaerobic sealants has been designed for sealing leaks in low pressure (10-15 psi) cast iron bell and spigot joints, as well as mechanical bell joints. 

We have three different types of Gaseal®, each with varying properties. Which one you choose depends on the nature of the leak/work required. However, we generally find that our original formulation, Permabond Gaseal® 1L, works well for most pipeline restoration applications. This is a blue liquid with moderate viscosity, allowing for good flow into the leak paths most commonly encountered in cast iron pipe joints. As part of our Gaseal® range, it’s 100% reactive, contains no solvents and due to being single-component, requires no mixing. 

For more troublesome leaks, we also offer Gaseal® 2L and Gaseal® 3L. The latter is a yellow, ultra-low viscosity liquid allowing for good capillary action. It’s therefore highly effective for sealing very narrow cracks and pinprick holes, as well as pre-assembled joints. On the other hand, Gaseal® 2L is almost the total opposite of 3L in terms of its its application. It’s thixotropic, highly viscous and bright red, and designed for sealing large leaks where Gaseal® 1L or 3L may not be appropriate. The higher viscosity is needed in order to retain the sealant in a large leak path long enough for it to cure. 

Permabond’s Gaseal®  anaerobic sealant range eliminates solvents, mixing, blasting, and undermining of cast iron pipes. For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.

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