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Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants

Uses: threadlocking, threadsealing (or pipesealing), form-in-place gasketing, retaining, bearing fit, bullet sealing, sealing weld porosities.

Cure mechanism: single part, cures in the presence of metal / absence of oxygen.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Uses: bonding rubber, plastic, metals and wood. Ideal for small assemblies / fast moving production lines.

Cure mechanism: single part, moisture cure.

Epoxies – Two Part

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation.

Cure mechanism: Two-part epoxy products require resin and hardener to be mixed. Can be cured at ambient or heated for a faster cure

Epoxies – Single Part

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation

Cure mechanism: Single part epoxies require a high temperature heat cure (e.g. oven).

Flexible Adhesives

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Single component moisture cure and two component products available.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Two component resin and hardener.

Structural Acrylic

Uses: structural bonding of metals, composites, plastics, glass, magnets and ferrites.

Cure mechanism: No-mix adhesive with initiator, bead-on-bead resin & hardener, 2-part pre-mix with nozzles and single-part products available.

UV Light Adhesives

Uses: bonding glass or plastic to itself or other substrates e.g. metal. Produces a clear, transparent, non-yellowing finish.

Cure mechanism: Single-part, cures rapidly on exposure to UV light. Some products can be cured by visible light. Dual cure products also available (anaerobic-UV or moisture cure-UV).